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Brexit: What does it mean for unlicensed and imported medicines?

UL Global Pharma, along with its parent company Orifarm, have been working to minimise the implications of Brexit for our customers. UL Global, along with its sister company Pilatus CS, have a well-established, global network of suppliers and our own presence in the US, so we are not limited to just one market, supply route or supplier.

Our infrastructure enables us to offer great choice and delivery, including parallel imports, generic medicines, unlicensed and batch made specials and comparator trial sourcing solutions.

We also ensure our unlicensed imports are safe and high-quality by sourcing products that are regulated – licensed in their country of origin, or where a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) is in place. Our stock holding capacity has been increased to align with DHSC guidelines and across the Orifarm network, we are operating a one vision policy, putting you and your patients centre of all of our decisions.

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